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      Hi guys I had a check up today and even tho I thought my double vision changed just a touch, it changed enough that my surgeon will only have to “fix” the side to side muscles. The up and down muscles are now normal!!! Deb, I answered your question on mail, but for anyone who is experiencing Pain,swelling bloodshot eyes after radiation. It’s not uncommon,in fact, it’s very common. My doc likes to have her patients take Prednesone a couple of weeks befor and after radiation. She says it helps these symptoms. I was told to expect my eyes to seem worse before they get better. In my case, that didn”t happen although it does to mostly everyone. It takes a few weeks for the eyes to settle down.****I asked my doc about radiation making the muscles hard and later strabismus surgery more difficult. she does not agree with this. As a surgeon in school she was told that radiation is done as a last resort. but through experience with VERY many graves patients she thought that if it can help later, why not earlier? The purpose is to STOP THE EYES FROM PROGERSSING ANY FURTHER.The sooner the eyes stop progressing, the sooner you can have surgery. If there is less scar tissue,less protruding,less double vision,less retracting lids then surgery is that much less difficult. The machinery for radiation in the past 5 years only has become very exact. There were problems before this as it is difficult it pin point the radiation. Now they can do it.When the eyes are really far gone radiation is of little help. It can’t get past the scar tissue.It has been done very late on in alot of cases and has been successful. But when done early, ther is a greater chance for success. My surgeon said that the patient files for those radiated are 1/2/ the size of those not radaited.She is preparing a paper to be presented at a conference on March. I hope this research can be documented and that other doctors can get the latest info.***I hope you all have a splendid Xmas…….Gwen

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