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      Hi Moni!
      The only article I could find on the subject of pregnancy is this:
      “MYTH: Radioactive iodine causes birth defects.
      FACT:This is only true if you have the treatment while you’re pregnant, which wouldn’t happen because no competent dr in his or her right mind would ever recommend this treatment to a pregnant woman. As long as you wait 6 months after this treatment before trying to conceive,you will be fine.”
      “If you are in your childbearing years, a pregnancy test is typically required because you must not be given radioactive iodine therapy if you’re pregnant. The radioactive iodine can injure the thyroid gland of the developing fetus. If you’re not asked to take a pregnancy test, demand one, even if you’re on the PILL or are regularly menstruating.”…….THE THYROID SOURCEBOOK..BY M. SARA ROSENTHAL.
      Hope this helps you out.
      Good luck with your treatment.

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        i am past my pregnancy days, i have 3 kids-12,9 and 4.all 3 pregnancies were pretty much uneventful. i never had any problems- just the same old pregnancy symptoms. i was diagnosed with graves 3.5 years after my last child was born. i was never questioned about anything concerning my pregnancies.
        so far, my kids are all healthy, although i did have concerns with the health of my 9 year old. he did have the tests done and thank god everything was fine. i was starting to see the same symptoms in him that i have right now, and now that i know what to look for, i can keep an eye on all 3 kids.
        my health has not improved and i hope my children never have to deal with the same issues.
        i was just wondering what concerns the doctors have with someone with graves, having a child. i know that there is a risk of the baby developing a thyroid condition, is there a risk for the mother? sometimes i wonder if the graves symptoms have accelerated because of my pregnancies.

        well, anyways i have to go now, hope everyone has a good week, and feels well.

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