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    Hi Jen. . .interesting the information we get from those doctors we must rely upon. My endo told me it would be around three months before I went euthyroid or hypo, and he was pretty close. I was still quite hyper 4 weeks post I-131, and it was difficult to tell when that changed, because I never felt “well” before going hypo, though I did have a few weeks of feeling less ill, around 3 months after treatment. A few people do have to be treated twice, but I don’t think you need to think about that now, as you’re probably responding quite normally. Let us know how it progresses for you. (A LOT of us didn’t lose weight, by the way!!)

    Post count: 93172


    Well I have gotten mixed messages this week. My Endo says that he
    doesn’t know why I am still hyper 4 weeks post I131. He says that it is
    unlikely I have radiation induced thyroiditis at this point. How-
    ever an Endo at Stanford says that it will take up to 6 months for
    me to be euthyroid or hypo. My TSH is less than 0.0 – my free T4
    is 13.5. I had 12mCi of I131. I’m 5’5″ and 140lbs.( I haven’t had
    the weight loss part of this disease – bummer). I am trying to listen
    to my body (just like Jake said:) ) but it is a little frustrating
    that the doctors don’t say the same thing. So far the Inderal is
    controlling my symptoms to the point where I can barely tolerate it
    but, I have asthma and it scares me to take it. Has anyone here been
    treated more than once with Radioactive Iodine?


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