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      Michele, thanks for the response, I felt like I was a lone ranger before
      with having joint pain. The meds. I am taking at present help but I was
      hopng there might be a miracle drug out there some place. I am able to
      once again bowl, take long walks and to do things that I had to give up
      before I started the Voltaren four months ago. I am new to the internet
      and I have learned more in one day on GD than in two years of going to
      doctors. I had hives for nine months and I was told to see a skin doctor
      then I was told to see an alergist. My theroid doctor didn’t deal with
      hives, I have bulging eyes and occasionally have headackes and I have
      really received a lot of helpful pointers in only two days of being on
      this network. I am not to sure my eye doctor has had a lot of experience
      with GD. I did get a second opinion in Miami. I finally realized I am not
      a lone ranger with up and down yo-yo inside feelings and emotional
      problems and depression is common!!!

        Post count: 93172

        I forgot (wished I had a dime for each time I have used those
        two words since GD) to tell you, I had 2 older brothers with sever
        arthritis. I took for granite that’s what I had. Have you had
        a bone scan that shows arthritis in your ankles and feet? I had
        2 other doctors say it was arthritis. I have had problems with
        swelling. I sleep in a recliner chair to keep my head and feet
        elivated. My head swoll so much about a year ago I thought I was
        having seizure activity. Then my eyes started bulging left 24
        and right 26 but heads swells less now. I was always a healthy
        person before GD. I have gotten many unbeliebiable looks from doctors, from
        friends, family. I think we all have! Personly, I feel, there is still
        to many “I do not Know’s given by doctors for simple questions on
        this disease. Margie
        it can say the same. Things we don’t understand, we fear. I don’t
        know about you but I had never heard of GD before I got it! Margie

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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