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              I answered your last message but as you said we had problems with the message board.
      You can self addressed envelope and we will take care of the postage. You were the first
      person from Germany to write in but we have one in Africa and one in the UK. We will be
      having a once a month chat room open soon. It will allow you to “talk” to other people
      with Graves just like we were sitting in a room. I will be on line as will other support
      group leaders from anound the US. We are working out the details now. As for Graves
      treatment in Europe I belived you are further advanced than we are here. Our food and
      drug admistration is very slow to approve new drugs and treatments. My family lived in
      Germany for three years and my son was born in Frankfurt in 1979. Look forward to hearing
      from you.
      Jake George

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        Hi everybody,
        it seems that I am the only European that has found
        this page sofar (and has been diagnosed with Graves
        Disease). The first message I wrote last week
        seemed to have disapeared, problems with the message
        board I guess.
        The treatment of Graves – Morbus Basedow as they call
        it here, seems to be a bit different here in Germany,
        at least what I can say about me – have not met anyone
        else yet in Germany. This net seems like a great chance
        to learn about other people – I love it already.
        For now I would like to know whether I can also write
        to this association (forgot name) and send an envelope,
        just don’t have any american stamps – what can I do?
        My main concern when it comes to Graves disease is:
        Graves Disease and Pregnancy, every doctor tells me
        something different about it and I would simply like
        to hear from women who have been through it. I am
        thinking about having children and simply don’t know
        how difficult this will be. Help would be appreciated.
        Thanks in advance

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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