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      I am so proud I finally found people like you to understand! I am 44 years
      old, 35 pounds over weight, can’t sleep without medication, tired all the
      time and half the time can’t remember what day it is….I have GD. Three
      weeks ago I had RAI treatment. How do I feel..same as above. I keep
      waiting for it to kick in, what ever that is. I was given the news about
      my GD June 25, 96 just before I went into surgery for my knee. I was on medication
      for 6 mon. but it didn’t help. My children don’t undersand, but that is
      o’kay, because sometimes I don’t understand. The only thing I have going
      for me is that I am a hard-headed Alabama woman…an I will make it.

      Good luck and thanks for being here!


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        Hey, CJ, hang in there. The RAI doesn’t work instantaneously. There was, for me, a brief period, about a week after RAI when I was a lot MORE hyperthyroid than before. It depends on how big a dose you were given, and what your doctor is trying to do with it (some doctors deliberately go for quicker results than others), but you will start to feel better, little by little. My doctor went for a quick result, and I was no longer hyper after one month. For others the process can be a bit slower.

        Good luck


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          tahnks bobbie for leting me know about RAI. I am still upset about
          the mitral valve prolaps. My heart is still beating me to death. Today
          @ work I couldn’t hold my hands still. Will I ever stop shaking? I am
          tired all the time, all I want to do when I come home is lay down. My hair
          is still falling out all the time. I have loose hair on my cloths all the
          time. I guess today I am just having a pitty party. I go back to the
          endo Thursday, hoping she will tell me good news, at this point any thing
          would be good news.
          I have to go and have my teeth cleaned tomorrow, so I had to start taking
          infection meds today. If anyone has MVP, premedicate before having your
          teeth cleaned. Also tell your dentist about your GD.
          My eyes have also given me problems. A year ago the doctor told me I
          had an eye lid blocking my vision. I had surgery, 6 week later it was back
          the same as before. I was cut from one ear across my head to the other
          ear, and 6 weeks later the doc wanted to do it again. NO THANKS!
          I now know it was the GD. I have gone to another eye doc (he is the one
          who got me my endo) and he is saying we will wait as long as we can
          before doing surgery. Now you know part of the story and can see why
          I feel like I am on a merry-go-round.

          Thanks for listening,

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