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      Dear George:
      Welcome to the BB,hope I can help you out some.I had the over-active thyroid disease and got the RAI treatment which I’m glad I did now,at the time I really didn’t know much about it all. I know that I had no side effects at all with the treatment drink and that was great,I didn’t even go under-active thyroid as of yet anyways but it has been 3-4 years since I took the RAI so maybe I won’t go that far,I don’t know but George if I were you I would get as much information as I could then decide if I should take the RAI or not,myself if it were me and I was having all these bouts of crying and other things I sure
      would consider it for sure but George this is something you will have to make your mind up about yourself.I remember having the bouts of crying and not knowing or understanding why I was being so sensitive to it all,because normally I would not have carried on likje that with all those tears and feelings of such pain mentally (been there done that) so no your not alone the my friend,take care and post anytime and maybe you will learn more about your disease,take care now GEORGE,YOUR NEW FRIEND bARB AND DON’T FEEL SO HOPELESS AS YOUR NOT MY FRIEND

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        Well, it sure helped me to read your post, George. I was diagnosed
        May 8th, so a little less time than you. But I can sure identify
        with the depression. I also have been crying frequently-which I don’t
        do-I figured I was just having trouble adjusting to “not being well”-
        or the weather;it HAS rained for almost 2 weeks. But today was
        sunny and I still feel down-just in a funk, don’t really have a handle on
        it either. But I guess between that and the joint problems I experienced
        last week, I HAVE thrown in the towel-and will have RAI next week.
        Do I feel better for having made my decision? NO-I sure hope I
        feel better after it’s over! I keep trying to tell myself that
        people have a lot worse diseases than this and to get on with it, but
        I am depressed. SO -unfortunately, I can’t help you-but you have
        helped me, and I hope that helps!!! I’ll sure try to keep you
        advised as this process goes on, and I hope you’ll do the same.
        I want to be my self again, in control again! Thank you for sharing
        your experiences-

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          I was diagnosed about two months ago. My presenting symptoms were
          somewhat mental (anxiety, nervousness, faintness) and otherwise cardiac
          (many palpiations) and just not feeling “right”. So they
          diagnosed me with Graves and put me on 30mg/ml methimaole.
          Almost immediately , I started experiencing high anxiety
          and panic attacks for which I receiving benzodiazepines
          and cognitive therapy. Everything was going quite well. My
          anxiety was down and panic was under control, heart was fine.
          And then on Sunday out of nowhere I started feeling completely
          depressed (i.e. not wanting to get out of bed, spontaneous crying
          which is unusual for me), cold intolerant, and my heart seemed to be acting up again. I had my thyroid function tests taken
          yesterday and now I’m hypo so they are going to decrease the
          methimazole to try to bring me in the normal range. My reaction
          to this disease has been mainly mental and it seems to be a moving
          target. I can’t really get a handle on what’s going on. First it
          was anxiety/panic and now add on depression. I realize the it is
          all probably a result of rapid hormone changes but I would
          feel better if I knew that other people had similar mental
          manifestations of Graves. I just want to feel normal. I have
          been considering throwing in the towel with the methimazole and
          just getting the RAI and submit to taking relacement therapy
          the rest of my life. Any input and/or advice.
          Down and feeling hopeless,

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