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      I have not been posting for a while. I need some advice on this. I have
      now been diagnosed (through blood work) to be clinically in menopause
      42 yrs old. Sept when my fsh and lh and estrogen levels were fine. Now
      dec there are so out of whack that my Gyno says I had abrupt menopause.
      How can that be? She suggested I go on HRT. I do get hot flashes but I have
      been now and then from the graves. That and urinating alot and loss com
      pletely of a sex drive. Which again I have felt periodically with the
      graves how can I tell or they tell if it is graves or really menopause.


      Thanks Gia

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        Hi Gia,

        I’m 44, had the rai and am now euthroid. I have had some very good
        months this summer. The last 3 months have been the pits. I saw my
        GP dr. a week ago, he thinks I have started menopause and may be
        anemic. He has ordered blood test for both—he said there was a blood
        test for menopause, you might check that out. I have test run Fri. and
        then learn the results Feb. 6. He said HRT is probably the next step,
        depending on testing results.

        Good luck to you!


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          I have a problem. I have “Graves” I think, at least that is what my DR diagnosed it as after, thyroitis, simple goiter, hyperthyroidism and now Graves. I also definitely have chronic Hep C. I underwent interferon and the combo interferon and riboviron treatments, neither successful ending in June 1999. In May 1999 I had a thyroid scan since my TSH was H 13.20 sb (0.38-4.70). Scan showed abnormal thyroid profile. Bloodwork indicated mild hypo with a mildly hyper iodine uptake possible thyroiditis. Thyroid size normal.

          In August my TSH L < 0.07 with same should be so now low. My Free T4 H 5.55 sb (0.80-1.89) diagnosis in Feb counts staying the same - simple goiter. We tried Tapazole 40 mg for 1 month my T4 went down to 1.9 so cut Tapazole in half & in 1 month T4 in normal ranges. Doctor recommended stopping Tapazole thought it might be in remission. Now T4 bace to >5. I am looking at radiation, however, he does not think that it is necessary to have another scan, possibility of cancer nil or so he says. My concern is that since it grew so quickly should I worry or insist that I get a scan. Can I get a scan after radiation?

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