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      i dont know to cry or laugh at myself
      i had a big show that i was putting on tonight
      in a club it was there grand opening when the band
      didnt show up for sound check i started to worry that
      their truck broke down,accident,got loss etc..

      so i stayed home till 11pm to stay by the phone
      and kept calling the club by the hour still the
      band never showed till i called the club again
      and the barmaid said steve don’t you know the grand opening
      is saturday night.How’s that for memory loss gee what a life
      thanks for listening .


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        This is my first time to this BB. I was recently diagnosed with Grave’s Disease, and I expect I’ll have a million questions in the future. This is the one I have now. Supposedly, I’ve had this for about two to three months. During that time, my memory has become HORRIBLE. I used to pride myself on my memory, and now it seems I can’t remember what someone said 10 minutes ago (this happens quite a bit). Is this just due to the stress of all this, or is it actually due to Grave’s Disease? Does anyone know? I’d really appreciate some info, I don’t see too much about memory loss. Thanks!!!

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          I have the same thing..Just to give you an example a few weeks
          ago on the chat line, I totally forgot the name of the drug that
          I was on. Ten minutes before I could have told you the name along
          with the chemical name. Although I believe I have had high normal
          thyroid for years its only been about nine months of real symptoms
          and two months now of treatment. The doctor says give it some time
          let the medicene work. Your brain is in “overdrive”. That ok I just
          don’t want to burn it up first. Anyhow, I just wanted to let you
          know your not alone. What was the name of the med?? Keep your sense of
          humor also.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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