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      Most people (and I say this losely) need to take about a gram or a little more of St. John’s Wort a day (Dr.’s in Englang prescribe up to 4 grams per day to depression patients), spread in three to four equal doses. As far as tyrosine, you need about 3 grams per day, also spread in three equal doses. Sometimes you can find this at Walmart, but you can also find it at a local GNC (General Nutrition Center). I’d try finding these at the Walmart first before you go to GNC, as GNC sells at retail price. Also a good thing about both places is that you can return the items if they don’t work. If you find that they aren’t good for you, just return them for your money back (w/receipt).
      Now, for the St. John’s Wort, make sure that it says “standardized for .3% (or more) hypericin.” Any less and skip that brand.
      Don’t spend too much for either. I’d say a good price for St. John’s Wort would be around $6.00 or $7.00 for 100 count 300mg capsules at Walmart, and a lot more at GNC. A good price for tyrosine would be about $10.00 for 100 count 500mg capsules at Walmart or a lot more at GNC. You might also check other pharmacies and department stores that have pharmacies before you go to GNC.

      For those that are taking, did take, or are going to try St. John’s Wort, the most important thing that you should know is that it is considered a “tonic.” This means that most people need to take it for atleast four weeks before they notice its full effects. Tyrosine on the other hand works a lot quicker in most people, almost immediately.

      What is your T3 reading?
      You might try stacking 3 grams of tyrosine with another 300mg of St. Johns Wort (total 900mg) about three times per day. BUT put this buy your doctor before you try it.

      Good Luck,


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