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      I did lose my computer programming job because of exactly these problems.
      If I had it to do all over again, I would not tell anyone at work about
      my health problems because they then have no confidence in your work.
      I found that for years I was not assigned to do anything impportant.
      Now I’m contracting and no one knows. I also feel much better since
      I’ve been taking estrogen. I was off it for a week cuz I ran out and
      forgot to pay the doctor his $5.00 copayment. He sent me a bill for
      5 bucks. This is from the one who wouldn’t do a T3 T4 test at all.
      I think I’ll make him wait for it.
      Try to document it. Write down every thing your mind doesn’t do right.
      See if you can go for testing and rule out any other cause. We need to
      document all these problems because doctors do not believe these things
      persist after treatment.
      We must communicate more effectively with them and to do that, we need
      to document everything.
      See if you can get a disability if it’s so bad that it’s effecting
      your job performance. Better that than being fired.
      Let me know how it goes. If I could do it again, I would find a doctor
      that fought for me and did some investigation.

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        I don’t have any advice other than I take GingkoBiloba , a plant extract I picked up at the health food store. I can’t say that it’s worked although I haven’t taken it for very long. I recently competed for a promotion that involved oral exams, etc. It was so frustrating. In the middle of my answer I’d forget the question…..and if the question was repeated I didn’t remember where I left off with my answer. The more stressed I became the worse answers became. I didn’t get the promotion even though I had been functioning that position for over 1 year.

        I can’t remember when I was so depressed…..and I’m still hyperthyriod not hypo. I was told the depression will only get worse when I become hypo.

        Let me know if you find anything that helps.

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          Hi to everyone,

          I really don’t post on here too much because I try to do things by myself, which I recently found out is no good.

          Have been having problems at work with memory and concentration due to this awful disease. My supervisor told me today that she was getting frustrated with me because of my performance. I don’t remember things as well as I used to and have trouble concentrating enough to learn new things. I work with various computer software which requires a lot of retainment.

          I’m really afraid of losing my job due to my inability to remember and concentrate. Does anyone have any suggestions? I sure would appreciate some feedback.

          Thanks… Diana

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            Diana: If you could collect some concrete information on the concentration/memory problems aspect of Graves, you could try presenting these to your boss in some organized form. She might not “buy” your explanation without them, but with hard information in your hands, and a conversation about how the treatments take a little time, but DO WORK to bring us back to health, she might ease up a bit. Bosses hear a lot of creative excuses for poor performance, and since Graves is something your boss may never have encountered, she may just need some factual information on it, in her hands.

            Also, you might need to start carrying a notebook around with you, writing EVERYTHING you need to remember (assignments, meetings, etc) down. I have started keeping lists of lists. : (

            Also, as a teacher, I frequently recommended that students organize their study into more frequent, short “bursts” of concentration, rather than long periods. You may not have needed this before Graves, but with your concentration more scattered now, changing your technique when it comes to learning the new material might make all the difference to you. I think there’s a book in the reference section of bookstores called something like STUDY SMART. I could look for it, if you think you are interested, to make sure this is the right title.


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              I also am finding great help from Ginkoba. It really works, I take it
              twice a day in Am and lunch and it keeps me on track and alert all day.
              A savior.
              Also Valerian is working well for sleeping at night. I can’t detect any
              after effects from either one of these aides.

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