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    I’ve had graves for over four years. In July I had my first does of RAI.
    At that time they discovered several cold nodules on my thyroid. I proceeded
    with the RAI and had an interesting reaction. My levels skyrocketed.

    My endo had no real explanation for this unusual reaction other than that
    maybe my gland was releasing lots of stored up excess hormone all at
    once in response to the radiation.

    We got it back under control using the drugs and did a FNA Biopsy on the

    The results came up “consistant with graves” (i.e., no cancer). So I
    did the RAI a second time a few weeks ago (hope it works this time). The
    strange thing is when they did the scan before the second dose they found
    the nodules had disappeared completely.

    Very cool, but they have no explanation for this, which of course concerns
    me. My endo says the radiologist has never seen anything like it. It’s
    a medical mystery.

    Anyone experience anything similar? Any insight?


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