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      Hi MCB

      Mostly takes a lot of patience for the Graves’ to burn itself out, it usually does in a couple of years. In my case the worst was over in about 18 months. Your eyes should be checked regularly.

      If the eyes get too bad and the vision is being affected, they may put you on large doses of the steroid Prednisone which will reduce the swelling behing the eyes. Most docs don’t use this very freely because of the possible side affects of the drug.

      The next step should the prednisone not be doing the job is Orbital Irradiation to stabilize the swelling. They zap your eye muscles with radiation, similar to cancer stuff but a much lower dose, usually for 10 sessions. It’s very simple and they claim 80% success. I had this procedure done.

      If the vision is really threatened, and your eyes are trying to remove themselves from the sockets, they may consider Orbital Decompression surgery giving more room for your eyes to go back in the head.

      The best remedy is time though. After four years mine continue to improve. Note that most people don’t have as much trouble as many of us here had with the eyes!

      All the best, Bruce

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