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      My 13-year-old lab/golden retriever mix dog got very sick
      this past weekend. At first we thought she was paralyzed.
      But, her legs work to scratch her ear, and we saw her wobbling
      to the yard after lying in one place for days. Her fur comes
      out in clumps. The vet is doing blood tests for thyroid disease.

      So, I went onto the internet to do some research about canine
      thyroid problems. The lists of symptoms show all the ones we
      describe–even gaining weight when food intake doesn’t increase
      (for hypo-thyroid)! I guess they find it easier to believe that
      a dog hasn’t started eating more and exercising less thaan us
      human patients who report that same symptom! Loss of fur is
      another clear indicator. Ever tried to get a doctor to confirm
      that hair loss is due to thyroid imbalance?

      At this point, I’m hoping that hypothyroid is our dog’s problem,
      because it would be fairly easy to treat. We’re all very worried
      about her. Even when she was too tired to get up, she “smiles” and
      wags her tail for us!

      Just in case we’re going to be like the Bush family and millie
      I’ve been hounding my husband to get his thyroid checked at
      his next doctor appt! LOL


        Post count: 93172

        I actually know a cat down the street on Tapazole. She is hyperthyroid.
        She has lost weight and is very nervous. Sound familiar?? I didn’t know
        that animals actually took people meds. So if you see your animal losing
        weight and being more nervous–get them checked.

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