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      I’ve read and been told that to have both Hashimotos and Graves
      (not at the same time of course!!) is rare but not so rare that you won’t
      see it here on the good old BB. I read on the WEB that there were less
      than 50 known folks where Hashimotos turned into Graves. (I can’t
      believe that!) I am one. Though this is very individual, I found
      Hashimotos to be much more intolerable than Graves. As with other
      autoimmune diseases you can go for years undiagnosed. A bummer to
      say the least. All of the same symptoms as being hypothyroid-just enhanced
      a tad. (The stories I can tell about falling asleep at the drop of a hat
      or more realistically-at the change of a light from green to red! I was
      notorious for asking my child to wake me up when the light turned green.
      That was our version of the child’s game, red light-green light.) Piling
      on the pounds over the years was not fun either. Other autoimmune
      diseases can come into play as can the complications of being overweight.

      Feel free to e-mail me with specific questions about my experience.

      Good luck to your sister. There is a little bit on the WEB but not much.
      The AMA Family medical guide is a good primmer. I also like the Thyroid
      Source Book.


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