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      Danielle, the question isn’t a “no no”. . .and, if you read the FAQ page of the NGDF, in the list of symptoms for GD is “loss of libido”. Some others of us had this question a while back, and since then, I’ve read that the sex drive suffers when the thyroid levels are either too high or too low. Depression can be another unhelpful factor. My personal experience supports this information (but since I’m single, who cares ;-)
      Dianne N

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        Hi Dianne,

        Glad you brought that up. I had read that on the NGDF site last week,
        and my husband has also been asking about when I’m going to get the libido
        back. I asked the endo about it today and he really didn’t have an
        answer. He just said that all things should be resolved in 6 months.
        Well……….I don’t think that’s a great answer for my hubby. I
        can’t decide if it’s all the beta blockers or the GD. I’m not depressed,
        just frustrated about being sick. Is there anyone else who can shed some
        ‘been there, done that’ light on this?


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          Dear Danielle:

          If you are tired from being either hypothyroid or hyperthyroid, it is hard to get excited
          about much of anything except getting some rest-especially at the end
          of a long day at work, plus coming home, fixing dinner, laundry, helping
          the kids with homework….. God bless spouses who understand. Even for
          women who don’t have graves, lack of libido can be a big issue.
          For us it is a double whammy. I sure understand. I’ll bet lots of other
          women with Graves have this issue. Post a note so Danielle’s husband
          can see she is not alone.
          –Mary Smith

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            I’ve been reading this BB for awhile and thought that I should ask this very personal question
            to you all. I know depression is an ongoing problem with us GD people. but I have to ask what
            about GD and your sex drive. Is there a “I could care less attitude” because of the GD or depression
            or is it just me? I hope I’m not asking a “no no” question for this BB.

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