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      it is always suggested people stop smoking tobacco if they have thyroid eye disease. but i have never seen anything written about marijuana smoking and TED. please share any info you might have on the subject. thanks!

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        Hello and welcome – I’ve not seen any well-designed studies on the issue, so best to err on the side of caution and avoid both. If you are using medical marijuana for another condition, definitely talk to your provider (and an ophthalmologist as well) about the risks and benefits of continuing.

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          I vaped MMJ when my eyes flared a few years ago. Arizona is a Medical Marijuana state. My medication was legally grown and obtained.

          Vaping is where the dried flower is heated to a controlled specific temperature, not burned. In my case, the machine fills a valved mylar balloon with the moist vapor released from the heated plant material.

          In my experience…100% relieved eye pressure and pain. Hands down no question. Made them bloodshot as can be but relieved the pain and pressure, temporarily.

          It did nothing to stop the proptosis. My bout with TED lasted years but the permanent damage ended up being slight. It may have potentially changed my outcome.

          So I guess my experience as to it truly “helping” is inconclusive.

          As for pain management and comfort….higher CBD strains seemed to work best. I had better anti-inflammatory results with high CBD strains versus high THC psychoactive strains.

          I also tried taking an oral CBD extract supplement. It did nothing compared to using the flower.

          My doctor and I had a big talk about this treatment. His opinion was that as long as I used the meds as meds, vaping not smoking, once or twice a day…my health risks were negligible. If I chose to become a walking chimney of the stuff then we needed to have a talk about long term lung damage.

          I used it, it worked for me. My experience.

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            thank you so much for your thoughtful response. i’m a caterer and after a big gig, my body hurts. smoking a bowl is the only thing that helps with that, short of taking traditional painkillers which i don’t want to do. i’ve been dealing with fairly severe thyroid eye disease for about 3 years now. but i have not needed surgery and my vision has not been affected. i know it could be a lot worse and i believe the herbs i use, marijuana included, has kept me from being in worse shape than i am in. and i am grateful for that.
            again, thanks for sharing. all the best!

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