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      Hi All,
      Something else my Endo has not checked into or said it isn’t related to my thyroid. I have a lump (and have had even first apoint. with him) on the left side of my neck a little higher then adams apple, only hurts if you push on it as he did, its about the size of a large egg. Any way when reading through my book it states All lumps should be checked into to rule out anything like cancer. I am really getting ready to get a new Endo. but sounds like they are mostly alike how would one search for a new one? My luck I would get one worse then this one. Reminder that my shoulder is also my left shoulder and that isn’t related to anything either. My GP is also suffering his own medical problems and he is hardly available, I feel like starting over. I am also cutting myself back on Beta Blockers slowly of course taking my own blood preasure it is down to 96 over 53 so today I will start down to 2 a day. I might as well be paying this board for my info instead of Endo. ha ha. I had my blood tested last monday still not back yet to hear how the thyroid is, RAI was now about 5 weeks ago. So could be longer yet I have heard.
      Well Thanks for listening, any info apreciated!
      Blessings Sally

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