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      Hi All,

      My Graves just relapsed after 5 years of remission. I’m feeling particularly down right now. I’m also a marathon runner, currently training for the NY Marathon (my 13th marathon. I’m having a really hard time training (for obvious reasons).

      I had an endo who was great for me, but he moved. I was matched up with someone else but unfortunately, it wasn’t a good fit.

      My question is does anyone know an endocrinologist in Boston that is a runner or experience with endurance sports? I have been asking around with not much success. I’m hoping this community will be able to help me.

      Thank you for any advice!

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        Hello – I don’t know of anyone who fits that specific bill, but if you check out the “Looking for a Doctor” tab in the announcements section of the forum, there are several search engines where you can locate a doc near you. Hopefully, if you call around, one of them might have that specific expertise – although probably any doc will recommend that you put your training on hold until your thyroid levels are under control.

        You have a lot of great medical facilities in Boston – odds are that there are at least some docs who are runners themselves, so hopefully, you can find the right person!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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