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      Long term symptom questions

      my history
      1. Diagnosed with Graves 7 years ago with mild G.O. in one eye.
      2. My major symptom were extreme tremors that made walking and talking very difficult.
      3. I have been on methimazole, low dose once stabilized, up to 7 months ago.
      4. 7 months ago I test as low thyroid and they pulled me off the methimazole. I am on no thyroid meds.
      5. I am now testing normal and hoping for remission. I am not due for another blood test for 2 weeks.

      Question 1: Over the past 7 years regardless of my TSH test results, I have had problems with tremors and twitching as well as sever anxiety from minimal stressors. I had a bad episode this week. Prior to my diagnoses 7 years ago I never had tremors or twitching. Is it possible that my tremors and my inability to deal with stress could be related to my Graves even testing normal levels of TSH?
      Question 2: Anyone else develop lumps in the palm of their hand?
      Thanks, Abbie

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        I would say no to both questions. Hyperthyroidism could cause fine tremors in your hands and anxiety, but you are not hyperthyroid. Methimazole can cause muscle inflammation but you have been off of it for 7 months. Have you considered seeing a neurologist?

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          Hello – Some patients do report lingering symptoms even after treatment, but agree with Liz1967 that the tremors should be checked out.

          Symptoms of anxiety can occur in conjunction with hyperthyroidism – or you can also have a separate diagnosis. This video from Dr. Ira Lesser does a great job of explaining how these issues can overlap:

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            Thank you Kim & Liz,
            The link was very informative and helpful.
            It also brought up more questions. In the conclusion he talks about most symptoms and that most people, once the thyroid is treated the symptoms are gone. However, he continues, some people these emotional and cognitive problems may persist. I wonder if I fall into this category. Either way it sounds like the treatment would be the same as anxiety treatment.

            FYI, I have been to neurology, and on a med for a muscle disorder, but it doesn’t seem to work for my issue, so my next stop may be looking into anxiety disorder. This is taking longer to diagnose then getting my GD diagnosed. I really appreciate your feedback, experience, and help. Please share anything else you may think of.

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