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      Hi, Shannon. I haven’t forgotten to look around for eye masks, but alas, the only source I’ve found recently is at a medical supply place, and these masks are VERY utilitarian. Not silk. Too bad. I’ll keep looking for the silky ones, but have you got a medical supply place in your town, or nearby? You might find a mask that would work there.


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        Thanks for keeping me in mind Bobbi. Well no medical supply store
        in my hometown, just a couple of pharmarcys and they have nothing
        like that.
        We do have a little “adult boutique” I thought about calling them
        but I changed my mind, I think the merchandise they carry is a little
        more risque then silk masks.:-)
        All the best,

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          Hi Shannon! Have you tried the eye lubricant just before bed instead
          of the eye drops? Your eyes muscles may not be keeping your eye shut
          at night. I thought just because I could shut them while I was a awake
          I could keep them shut while sleeping, not so. When the muscles relax
          the eyes open. I found that the lube soothes the eyes better than the
          drops and it never stings my eyes. I hope this helps. Margie

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            Morning everyone,

            Well the eyes did it again, woke up 4:30am and they were bone dry
            and very irritated, waited about 20 minutes before I put any eye
            drops on them because I knew it would sting, and it did!

            I’m the type that once I’m awake I can’t get back to sleep.
            I’m typing very softly now, wouldn’t want to wake my better half.:)

            Well my cat doesn’t seem to mind my unusual hours, he always gets
            up with me, so that’s not to bad even if he is just a cat, any company
            is appreciated when it seems your the only person in the world thats
            not asleep!!!

            Anyway hope you all have a wonderful day,

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