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      Well my Opathalmologist Secretary FINALLY got back to me today.
      I had called previously in desperation askink if the Dr. could
      recommend something else along with the ointment to keep my eyes
      moist at night since the ointment itself is not doing the trick.
      She just called me back, “no” I was told there is absolutely nothing
      else the Doctor can suggest.
      So basically, live with it! I have a humidifier going 24 hours a day
      still the agony of it all :’-(
      Have to get a blood test today then see my GP. Another hour or more
      of sitting in a fluorescent lightened waiting room! aren’t I the real
      downer this morning :(
      Anyway I wish you guys a great day, and thanks for listening to my
      tales of woe.


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        sorry girl ,you get used to it.Im in pain now but i aint getting used to it
        did alot in my life, and im not going stop now get used to it, i will get better
        you will too.

        get use to it noway, this makes me upset

        later ,steve

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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