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      Hi everybody…hope this message finds everyone well. I am so, so sorry if I upset anybody from my post on the BB. I was very emotional that evening when I wrote it, I had been on one my insomnia evenings when I wrote it and I was exhausted. It was not my intent to sadden anybody but to give some other people going through denial a wake-up call. It is my own fault for going through this now because of my own denial….I liked the weight loss! All I could think about was maybe saving somebody else from needless suffering. I am feeling better right now than I have in a long time. The PTU seems to be working good. I had another level drawn and we are almost there. I also started taking vitamins and calcium (threw away the chocolate and Dr. Pepper) and I feel a lot more energetic. I even see some new hair growth. I shopped all day yesterday with a friend and kept up with her! Thanks for all the kind words and prayers…you are all in my thoughts and prayers also! Pam

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