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      Here is a citation of an article:

      West J Med 1997 Nov;167(5):353-356

      Resolution of propylthiouracil-induced hepatic failure after treatment of

      Khovidhunkit W, Farese RV Jr

      Department of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco, USA.

      PMID: 9392993, UI: 98054703

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        Hi everyone! I know everyone is probably chatting now but I only have a minute to share some good news. I was at the conference and met alot of people. I highly recommend it.

        I found an endocrinologist in Phila, PA who said I do not need to have an RAI because I have a mild case of Graves. I am currently taking 100 mg of PTU daily. This doctor had told me that since my case is mild right now, there is no reason to have an RAI and that she has had some patients on low doses of PTU or tapazole for years. The doctor’s concern is osteoporosis and I am going for a dexa forearm scan in a few weeks.

        I am extremely happy because I did not want to destroy my thyroid unless absolutely necessary. There is always time for that especially since I have a mild case now.

        Since I was on tapazole before and now I am on PTU, can anyone tell me about this drug? I know it tastes horrible.



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          Glad you have a mild case and can take care of it with PTU.
          Yea.. it takes like crud. I never had any side effects with it.
          In fact.. its so safe, you can take it while your pregnant.
          I took it for 2 years, and even though it didnt work for me too good
          (my case was a lot more severe) I know a lot of people it has work for.
          Good luck with it..
          Best thing I found.. take it with O.J. :)
          Take care.
          If you need anything.. email me :)

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