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      Hi Lisa!
      I used to be like that too. When I mentioned it to my Endo she put me on
      Zoloft. I told her I didn’t want antidepressents — I can’t function at
      work like a ZOMBIE! Also, I don’t have a very good tolerance for medications,
      I wouldn’t be able to shake the effects when I got up in the morning.

      She’s very conservative about medications and supported this ZOLOFT 100%.
      She said its just something to take the edge off. The example she used
      was if you dog was hit by a car, you would be sad and upset but not off
      the deep end or irrational.

      I thought, yea right!!! But you know what, it works. It really keeps
      me on an even keel without the sluggish feeling and slow mental responses,
      if you know what I mean. I take one a day and although I am tired its not
      from the medication. She said it does something to that part of your
      brain that handles the emotions. Its good stuff. I don’t take it
      every day but when I don’t take it, I know it as well as my family does!!

      I E-mailed you, hope you received it.

      Stay in touch, hope this helps!

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