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      Hi everyone..I’ll just make one post for you all to pass through with my $.02.
      LINDA T. Have you read that T-4 is turned into T-3 peripherally, that is not in the thyroid gland
      but in the blood stream. There are various enzymes and processes. Some folks don’t do this as well as they make T-4.
      Ask your doc about it, as at some point it may be pertainent in your treatment.
      JOAN RYAN I agree w/ you. Specialist are important in waters as tricky as these. So many people
      have to rely on an over worked GP or family doc. All the more reason to be self educated and a diplomatic
      self advocate. This board helps in that regard, doesn’t it? Sorry to hear about your mom and all.
      ELAINE AND PAUL… Jake did a huge post about various eye surgeries
      and you can read it it is #184.
      MICHELE, ALL YOUR FRUSTRATIONS are so easy to hear and understand. It really isn’t a method to take advantage of anyone,
      most docs will admit that they really don’t know enough about this disease yet. And what DianneN said is true,
      be careful in the “alternative world” too. There are well meaning people with a little dangerous knowledge.
      Making money, by the way. There are also out and out charletons. I took many “classes” in my community in the
      late 60’s early 70’s ( and mine you I live north of San Francisco where
      you had to wear flowers in your hair this is state of the art alternative) and lots of the teachers were making it up as they went.Best to all of you. Jeannette

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