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      There once was an eyeball named, Harry
      He really was frightfully scary
      When he was all red
      People ran away with dread
      And then Harry wished he was dead!

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        Mine do not count either but had to post one any way.

        There once was a man named Jake
        Who’s snoring would make the earth quake

        His dear darling wife would suffer in strife
        and post limericks at 2 AM

        Sorry for keeping the world up with my snoring. I have been told that the earthquake moniters at Patrick AFB (13 miles away) could pick up the vibrations of my snores.

        I even had surgery to correct the snoring issue. Wonder if the thyriod enlargement has anything to do with my snoring now???


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          There was this lady, her body would quake.
          Her knees were weak and her hands would shake.
          She continued like this, for a month she endured.
          But when her eyes started to bulge she couldn’t take anymore.
          Off to the doctor she went one day, to put her mind at ease.
          After some test, and a whole lot of stress, she found out
          she was stricken with Grave’s Disease!

          That’s my shot :)


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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