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      OK You warriors and frustrated poets,

      We have a limerick contest going on and I have extended it until the end of October since we have had some server problems.

      The rules are

      1. keep it clean (none of that old man of Nantucket stuff)
      2. A panel of five judges will make the decision and it will be final
      3. Have fun with it.

      Next time you sign on ask for the past 30 days of posts and you will see a number of entries. You may e-mail them to me at if you wish. The winner will receive a hand made indian choker made by my self!!

      I have also received some info that Baush and Lomb will throw something into the prize pot as well.

      The judges for this contest are:

      Dr. Nancy Patterson (our director aka, the Grand Wizard of Pooh)

      Archie Hensley (the guy who owns and our hero)

      John Stewart (Baush and Lomb, big kahona)

      Monica Voll (Baush and Lomb, big kahonaette)

      Pat Anika (Editor and chief of the NGDF news letter .aka, the great expunger)

      Winning entry will be put into the newsletter as may many honorable mentions.

      Get out there and wax poetically and have fun.

      prize maker and contest running Kahuna

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