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      Hi Sue! Thanks for visiting! Over my Christmas vacation I plan on updating my home page – get the new URLs linked and add pictures of my eyes before surgery (hopefully). So, come January you may want to come back to visit! :) By the way, I live in Minnesota and Washington D.C. is one of my favorite places to visit! Brent and I took a vacation there this past summer.

      I just went in for a routine blood test and got a good report back – it’s almost seven years since RAI. I am in the normal ranges for both my TSH (2.22) and Free T4 (1.3), and I will continue on my current dosage of .125 Synthroid. I guess you could say life is pretty rosy for me. Actually, I never had it that bad from the start. Yes, my eyes were out of control, but my life wasn’t. I usually felt fine, I lost weight and kept it off (one of the lucky ones I’m finding out), I had supportive family and friends, and I never missed work because of GD symptoms. My husband would probably add *crabby* to that list, but I definitely had more good days than bad.

      Today, the only time I even think about GD is in the morning when I take my med and when I check in with you guys! :) I try to eat a low fat-high fiber diet, I exercise regularly, I try to maintain a positive attitude, and I always make time in the day for myself! Life with GD does not have to be miserable. There are many of us GD survivors out here that live very normal, happy lives! Even so, I view this disease as a lifetime condition. I will always have to take a thyroid replacement and have my thyroid levels monitored. I expect no other problems with my eyes. But, I know that GD affects every person differently. Nobody knows what the future holds – we can only hope for the best and deal with what is given us.

      Wishing you happiness and energy! Debby

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