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    hi ,annette we still love you anyway, great job you do for all of us
    graves suffers. thanks again ,steve .

    red & blue alright !

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    Hi Annette, thanks for asking. I like the deeper colors of red and blue. For me, it’s easier to see than the lighter pink.

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    Hi folks,

    Sorry for the color confusion today. I guess that sometimes it’s a
    matter of the original stuff being the best! Thanks to all the folks
    who gave their honest opinions on the color changes. What looks good
    on my computer monitor and with my eyes isn’t always a good indication
    of what others see.

    This board has to be the guinea pig because I can put the colors on
    another board which has only a few posts, then put the same colors
    here and it looks like *&(^! (fill in your own expletive!) :)

    If anyone has any suggestions on what might look good…PLEASE tell me
    Or just tell me to leave things be! Keep in mind that it has to have
    enough contrast for those folks who have visual impairment from Graves’
    (or from anything else for that matter!)



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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