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      I have had swelling in my right ankle since november 96. That is how I found out I had GD. The doctor sent me to have a test for my leg to make sure I didn’t have a blood clot. The iodine they put into me triggered the GD symptoms. I’m sure I had it before, but this test really brought it to the surface. My ankly still swells, but it seems like when I have a better day (I guess my hormones are more normal), the swelling isn’t so bad. Sometimes my feet hurt when I stand up.

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        Hi Lynn, Before I was diagnosed with GD. My feet used to swell and at times I was
        diagnosed with sprained ankles with never doing anything to created this. I was on
        crutches three different times with swelling from mid-calf down. I have been diagnosed
        with GD for about 3 yrs now and I still have swelling in my feet but it is not near as bad as
        it use to be. I have had to buy wider shoes and one half size larger since having GD.

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          Hi everyone!
          I had RAI in November but my Endo will only tell me my levels ar getting
          lower. I have started to feel better except my legs are cramping
          at night and my left leg, ankle and foot are very swollen.
          They swell all the time and get very sore. The Endo says it is
          not water retention but inflammation. Somehow I have a hard time believing that.
          He says it is not associated with Graves!! Hmmmm…..Now where have I heard that one
          Oh well, Anyone else have this problem??

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