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      I would really like to see Radiants Home Page, but things were
      scrolling by so fast last night my eyes had trouble keeping up. Anyone
      get the web site address, please post it. Thanks.


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        missed ya on chat last night !


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          Radiant’s Home page is at She was radiant! Bet that’s where she got the nick name!


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            Thanks for the compliments on our wedding page :) Hubby worked
            really hard on it! When I know how to do all the html stuff, I’ll
            definitely set up a link to the Graves’ Disease page on the home page…
            or on my page. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know some of y’all on chat
            on Wednesday nights! :) I won’t be there this week, however, because we
            will be going back to the cabin in the woods up in the U.P. where we
            were on our honeymoon (only this time we’ll be taking my daughter
            along and not leaving her with grandma and grandpa).

            Hey, guess what? Now that we’ve been married for almost a year, hubby is
            able to start adoption proceedings on Monday — I’m hoping that we won’t
            have any problems since I have not been contacted by her biological
            father since 1992… My daughter has never known anyone but my husband
            as “Daddy” and it will be nice to have the whole family with the same
            last name! :)

            Things aren’t all bad with the Graves’ either — although my hair is
            falling out (I get a brushfull every time I brush it) and I’m still really
            tired, and I know my levels aren’t right yet… and my emotions are
            totally haywire… a lot of the other symptoms are MUCH improved! I
            was feeling really depressed about my weight gain and the inability to
            lose it regardless of eating less and exercising more, but I went out
            on Thursday and got a perm and I just felt so much better about myself
            when I looked in the mirror after that — I didn’t feel quite so fat and
            my hair doesn’t look quite so limp.

            I’ve appreciated reading the BB here, and chatting online — it’s so
            great to see support out there and know I’m not alone in my experiences
            with Graves’! I have much to be thankful for in a supportive and loving
            husband and daughter, too.

            Hang in there, y’all! :)

            Fellow hanger,
            Donna (aka Radiant/Danita)

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