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      Since there are lots of new people here, has anyone had eximer (sp?)
      on their eyes to correct nearsightedness? Quite a while ago I posted
      a message about my eyes starting to bugg out. Well, my doctor
      thinks now that my eyes were responding to the extreme stress
      of taking care of my dying Mother. Mom passed away four weeks
      ago. I went to the ophthalmologist yesterday and he said the
      improvement in my eyes was remarkable.

      Here’s the scoop. My vision is 20/650. As far as the cornias are
      concerned I am a perfect candidate for the laser surgery. But the
      Graves may be a complication. Apparently, any elective surgery
      on a graves patient eyes can cause complications. Has anyone had
      experience with this? Or know someone who has?


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        hey-someone who has my exact prescription-no one can ever
        believe it. My aunt called me about the laser surgery a couple
        of weeks ago, and I thought the Graves’ would be a problem.
        Last I knew, she was checking into it-but I certainly will let
        you know what I find out-or vice versa? Gee, it even helps to know
        someone with such severe nearsightedness is dealing with the
        Graves’ thing-I just had RAI yesterday-have only been diagnosed
        since May 8th and have had minimal eye involvement at this point.
        But as I’m sure you know, when your eyes are this bad, you don’t take
        your eyesight for granted-not that anyone else does either, but I’ve
        walked in to walls for years!!

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          Morning Warriors,

          OK, I posted last month that RK is not a good option for Graves folks to
          use for correcting vision. LASIK or laser surgery is a better option and
          can be used if your Graves eye disease is not really bad. Get a second
          opinion and go for it. The laser I was told does not effect the cornea
          like Radial Keratonmy (RK) where they actually cut the cornia. We can
          have it done and if it makes our lives better I say go for it. Just make
          sure your doctor knows you have Graves so they can evaluate you.

          Live well, See Better and Grandfather’s blessings,

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