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      I was at the lab getting cholesterol tests done this am and the nurse
      mentioned that there were new forms for the tests. I asked why and she
      said “Because the insurance companies decide what tests will be covered and
      and the forms are changed to reflect what they will pay for. Also, Medicare
      will not pay for certain tests at all.” In this case certain tests are unable to be ordered now.
      So here’s a definite example of insurance companies dictating to the
      medical system. Who’s in charge here?
      Not my doctor.
      Not me!
      Can’t we find a way to work with our doctors to fight this!
      Doctors are starting to unionize up here because of interference from
      insurance companies.

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        Dear Joan,

        As a US citizen living in Canada, I can tell you first hand that
        that the system in the US stinks. The taxes are a little higher
        here in Canada, but they would go to war if someone
        tried to change their “socialized medicine” (which, by the way
        is an intended fear bringer to many — just the term “socialized”
        as it used to be used in “socialism” and in the titles
        of communist countries). The reality is, it
        works! Really well. Don’t believe the propoganda from the medical and insuranc
        lobbies. It is worth the price.

        Move to Canada! ;^}


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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