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      Been dropping in on the Health Food stores, again, huh?
      Remember, there are three people you should NEVER lie to: your lawyer, your accountant and your DOCTOR. If you are going to be fooling around with your medication, at least be smart enough to call the doctor’s office and let him or her KNOW what you are doing. What’s the worst thing they can do…fire you for non-compliance? Haven’t you just essentially done the same thing? There’s not a single one of us that hasn’t thought about upping or downing our dose of meds, and many have tried it. “last time I tried it, after a month i ZOOMED into hypo, and it took them a YEAR, and almost 90 pounds to get it turned around. You got to think long term–and it was awful. Please think twice, because the thyroid you are (not) taking today is the lack of thyroid that will catch up with you in two or three weeks, and then you will be complaining that you are unstable.!
      Denaka >^..^<

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