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      Hi there Kelly. Nope you are not neurotic and it is great that
      you are listening and paying attention to changes in your body.
      I understand symptoms to watch for in TED are scratchy eyes, light
      sensitivety and teary watery eyes. I have a few articles in my
      binders of info that I will try and find for you. I also have read
      and been told that ATD may decrease TED. I have been extremely
      fortunate, to date, to have had very little eye involvement. I
      hope the same will ring true for you. I am also contemplating
      pregnancy. I have been waiting for remission and for my TBII to be
      low or within normal range. I am at that spot now and I worry
      that a pregnancy will throw me into a full relapse.

      But there are no guarantees in life and one needs to do what one
      needs to do I guess. That is the best learning I have had. I
      can’t put my life on hold for “what ifs”. Positive thinking and
      taking what is given to me is all I can do. Thanks for the info
      you shared. Take Care.


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