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      Hi, Kate!

      Yes, I hate to say it but eye aches are pretty common to people with
      Graves’ Ophthalmopathy. It is one symptom, along with dryness,
      irritation and excessive tearing, that is due to retraction of the
      eyelids which do not close completely at night. Here are some tips
      that may help relieve your discomfort:
      *Use lubricating ointment (LacriLube, Refresh PM, Tears Renewed) at
      night. You may also want to tape your eyes shut with first aid tape
      for sensitive skin (3M – one inch or wider), or use a scarf/bandana
      to tie around your head and cover your eyes.
      *Use artificial tears (Celluvisc, Tears Naturale, HypoTears) during
      the day.
      *Elevate your head with pillows, or put wooden blocks under the front
      bedposts to raise the bed.
      *Use a humidifier in your bedroom to keep the air moist.
      *Avoid drafts, i.e.ceiling fans, open windows.
      *Use hot or cold compresses, whichever feels better.
      *Make a conscious effort to blink, the more the better, the longer
      the better.
      *If you are a smoker, stopping will improve the appearance of your eyes,
      minimize irritation, and decrease the likelihood of severe involvement.
      Tobacco worsens the autoimmune attack for unknown reasons.
      *Avoid salty foods and drink lots of water.

      Keep in touch with your ophthalmologist, so he can track the progression
      of your eyes and offer treatment recommendations when appropriate.
      Hopefully, your eye disease will “burn out” on its own.

      Wishing you health and happiness, Debby

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        Kate, what you have described has been part of my experience though
        usually I experience bilateral dryness and “eyeaches” even though
        one eye protrudes somewhat and one is normal. (left 21, right 16).
        My measurements have been stable for one year also though one
        eye in the last couple of months has turned up slightly but without
        further consequences of more double vision. This is when they have
        hurt the most. From what Jake (our on line facilitator and eye
        expert) has said to me in the past, the pain is common. I take
        motrin and/or use a cold pack when it gets bad enough. If you think
        it is a sign of your eyes possibly changing, you could check with
        your ophthalmologist. (I did recently after they had hurt daily for
        one month and he couldn’t see anything at that time. Subsequent to
        this is when I noticed that the left eye has turned up slightly.)
        You are not alone in this. Best wishes, Xena (Julie Jones)

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