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      What steps have you taken with regard to Graves? Have you used PTU or anything else, or is the Nutritionist and Chelation-ist the only action you’ve taken, so far?

      I’m REALLY interested in this theory. I don’t want to do anything about my Graves’ until I’ve thoroughly checked this out!

      I tried to find someone here in Columbus who is involved in Alternative Medicine. No one knows, or will admit to knowing anyone in the business. Could I possibly call your chelation doctor and get a referral?

      I have an interesting article that I found somewhere on the web when I was researching. It talks about estrogen and thyroid disease. I printed it out, and have it at home. I can type some of it to you later, but it does say that unopposed estrogen causes thyroid problems. Somebody has to be doing studies on this – I just have to find who it is.

      Talk to you al later on IRC!


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