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      Here are the council’s recommendations abbreviated –

      1.Store mercury in unbreakable,tightly sealed containers.
      2.Perform all ops involving mercury over that have impervious and
      suitably lipped surfaces so as to confine and facilitate recovery of
      spilled mercury.
      3.Clean up spilled merc. immediately.
      4.Use tightly closed capsules during amalgamation (thismeans while it
      is being mixed).
      5.Use a no-touch technique for handling the amalgam.
      6.Salvage all amalgam scap and store it under water.
      7.Work in well-ventilated spaces.
      8.Avoid carpeting dental operatories as decontaminations is not possible.
      10.Avoid heating mercury or amlagam.
      11.Use water spray andsuction when grinding dental amalgam.
      12.Use conventional dental amalgam compacting procedures, manual and
      mechanical, but do not use ultrasonic amalgam condensors.
      13.Perform yearly mercury determinations on all personnel regularly
      employed in dental offices.
      14.Have periodic mercury vapor level determinations made in operatories.
      15.Alert all personnel involved in handling of mercury, especially during
      training or indoctrination periods, of the potential hazard of mercury
      vapor and the necessity for observing good mercury hygiene practices.

      He goes on to say-
      Now let’s apply these recommmmendations to the (scrap)amalgam in your
      1. Use a no touch technique(Keep your tongue off of it)
      2.Store it an unbreakable, tightly sealed container. (Put your head
      in a box).
      3. Store (scrap) amalgam under water. (Keep your tongue off o it with
      your head in an unbreakable box submerged in water).
      4. Work in well-ventilated spaces.(Keep air circulating in your mouth
      while keeping your tongue off the amalgam with your head in unbreakable
      box submerge in water.)
      5. Avoid heating amalgam.(Don’t drink hot coffee or eat Mexican food
      while circulating air in your mouth with your tongue off the amalagam
      and your head in an unbreakable box submerged in water.)

      He adds this

      “It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Why is the ADA more concerned about
      scrap amalgam than it is about the amalgam in your mouth?

      Is there enough vapor and toxic material given off to cause problems?

      Hope this helps please keep me informed as to your progress and what
      treatment you are having,as I am having my amalgam removed later in
      the new year and am interested in any feedback concerning this topic.

      Happy New Year.


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