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      Does anyone have bone pain while being hypo?
      I’ve been hypo for about 5 months. TSH currently 8, down from 15.
      MD has not given my Synthroid. Says the thyroid will “heal” itself.
      It has been a tough 5 months. I feel the worse is over and the doc predicts that I’ll be back to normal in 3 more months.
      (I do not have graves, I have subacute thryroiditis)

      I am now trying to figure out if all the bone pain is from being hypo or could it be something else lurking…..Thanks

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        I’m just wondering why and what actually causes me to get to so sleepy after 3 hours of taking my Synthyroid. Is it the medication or is it the hypo? Whaatever is causing it also is draining every bit of energy from me the minute I start feeling sleepy. What can I ddo to counteract this sleepiness? I have two small kids ages 2 and 4 here so I need to stay alert. Any ideas?
        My Synthyroid dosage is .1mg daily. I take my Inderal 60 mg around 7 pm and my Synthroid first thing in the morning. Are these two interacting and causing it? I take the Inderaal for one more week then stop it. Any ideas on how to combat sleepiness will be aappreciative.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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