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      Hi All-

      Well I went Hypo exactly 12 weeks post RAI. I guess I am a text book case :-)

      I started the Synthroid this morning, .1, the yellow pills. My Dr. said my levels were almost immeasurable. 1 month ago I was 4 x times the normal range and now I am Hypo, weird! I am relieved that the RAI did what is was supposed to do. I am also anxious to start the replacement medication, the Hypo symptoms are very strange, you feel like you are walking around in a fog, my dreams have been very vivid, and I will have the same dream over and over all night long. I wish I could sleep all day! I have had about a 7 lb. weight gain in the last month.

      I guess my questions is what now, I have all of the books, but now that I am Hypo, how will GD still affect my life, I can’t find much on this topic in my books/research. Does the synthroid help your metabolim get back on track? Will it help me get back to a normal weight? I never “lost” weight when I was Hyper.

      Any feedback would be appreciated :-)

      Thank you!

      Anyone go through the same situation? How are you feeling now?

        Post count: 93172

        When do they start replacement therapy after RAI? Is it when your levels are within a certain range ? Is this physician preference? I note that you had lab work a month ago, and then again recently. How often after RAI are your thyroid tests done? Weekly? Bi-monthly? Monthly? I would hope that labs are done often, so that one does not SLAM to Earth ( Hyper to Hypo ) from the clouds!! Lin

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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