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      Well here we are 3 weeks after Surgery { total thyroidectomy}.
      Let me count my blessing!!!
      1. I can Breath
      2. I have a skinny neck { Almost by 3 inches }
      3. I don’t live in the rest room!
      4. I’m sleeping thru the nite!!!!! 8 hrs.!
      5. My heart rate down from 138 at rest to 67!
      6. Blood pressure down from 155/100 to 124/78 !
      7. Dark rings around my eyes are gone, look 10 years younger
      8. I look at my husband {Dear man} and feel FRISKIE! {I think the sex drive mite be on the come back.
      9. The temper/mood swings/anger getting much better! { unless I watch CNN News}
      10. I wake up looking forward to the Day, Not wishing to God it was over.

      P.S. There has been some not so good things, Meds, calcium dropping and having to eat TUMS by the groves, I cry , for me TOO easy.But these things take time.

      Just wanted to share some of the good things today, and thank again all of the sweet people who on the BB walked thru this with me.
      God Bless Vicki

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