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      Why is it that when you finally find the greatest doctor in the world,
      his office staff turn out to be a bunch of complete jerks! I realize that I am not
      the only patient, and that they are “busy”, yea like I’m not. Why does
      it take 8 hours for them to return my call and then they want to know
      what I called for ( already explained in full detail to the bimbo I spoke
      with 8 hours earlier)! Then I get an argument, like I don’t know what
      I’m talking about, like I was born yesterday, like “she” is living this
      disease and knows how “I” feell! No wonder I’m on heart medication.
      It’s people like this that are making me “crazy!!!”. Should I talk to the
      doctor about the “staff” or just let it go? I think I’m just having a bad
      day, which is unusal for me. I just all of a sudden exploded. Is this part
      of the lovely disease? Also, my back is killing me all of a sudden. Is
      this from the disease too? Thanks for listening. Amee

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        know how you feel most endos & their staff treat you like your
        retarded,my last visit the secretary said well maybe you dont have
        graves ,maybe its something else. No i have graves 2 years now
        i never hit anyone in my life but this secretary, is coming short to
        my fist ,one day.

        i hear you,


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          I wonder what ever possessed this secretary to tell you that you
          don’t have graves? What college did she go to? Just because they
          happen to sit in an MD office, they somehow earn a degree! Today,
          when I told off the nurse, I screamed at her and told her to have the
          MD call me immediately! I scared the crap out of her. All of a sudden
          she started appologizing to me and trying to calm me. Yea right, she
          just wanted to save her own skin,. She was worried that I might get
          her fired for arguing with me so much. Maybe I will speak with the Md
          anyway. I am tired of being put on hold for an average of 8-10 mins
          every time I call! bye Amee

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