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      hey fancy,what you mean i cant ride wild horses?
      well your right. just woke up got out of bed at at 9am and fell
      asleep again,and cant get myself together today what a drag.

      i do not know anything about helen keller, i have no problem
      with my eyes,they say i might,but there has been no signs yet.
      you have to ask the eye pro’s about this, there on this board and
      they can tell you all about the eyes. i can tell you things that would
      make you laugh,but not today im to sleepy.

      take care, wish i can help you with your eyes,


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        Steve, I don’t think you would want to ride any wild horses, but you might enjoy the domestic kind.

        I was wandering about the eye disease, which scares me more then anything. Is there a time limit on when you might get it, or can it be anytime in your life.

        I think I had this disease for awhile before it was diagosed, because I have felt tire, and my eyes have been very irritated. In November, 96, I had a test on my leg where they injected iodine into my blood because I had severe swelling, and the Drs. thought I might have a blood clot. Now they tell me that the iodine might be what caused this disease to accelerate. I wish they would have checked my blood first.

        My 1/2 Aunt got GD at almost the exact time I did, she is about a year older then me. The Dr. calls it Phenominal. I call it unlucky. They say she has it worse then me, what does that mean? Does it mean I’ll get worse or does this disease come in small, med. and large?

        Thanks for letting me talk.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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