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      To everyone: I have only read up to October 23, and hope to catch up over the weekend so I gan take over from Jake for the week. Need to make a couple of suggestions before that, so you can take whatever action on it. One of the BEST sources for an unbiased comparision of the pros and cons of treatment (including no treatment) is available from the Thyroid Society. Their number is 1-800-THYROID. Ask her Chris, tell her you want their “big, white bulletin” about comparing treatments, and then tell her “Nancy said to say hi!–you’re on the Internet now.” It is a really good bulletin and I use it often.

      The second thing is to let you know that I will be attending the American Thyroid Conference, and have printed out a large numbers of your questions, responses and stories. The medical community has been very cautious about patient support groups, primarily because they think the patients will get incorrect information. I believe this forum has more than demonstrated that we can, and do (and did anyway), talk with one another and come away with more insight and direction than any one of us could possible have alone. There’s no way to thank Jake enough for starting this, and maintaining it with all the problems he has had. He’s a jewel, and all of you have realized.

      I have been talking to some of our Board members (M.D.’s), and I know that some of you are seeing some of them, so I have printed out those messages for them. I think we can expect some (how many, I don’t know) doctors to be dialing in, if only to read the messages. I will certainly be encouraging them to do so, and will ask that they sign the “guest register”.

      Ya’ll are the GREATEST! Always,

      Nancy Patterson

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