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      I just found out i am hyperthyroid…i took the blood test a few days
      ago and have not received the results but the doc says it is surely
      hyper because of the symtoms…today my eyes are hurting..itchy and feel
      like an allergy has hit…i know different…i am going to a endo person
      next month…question…i am think Rad is the way to go but think i want to wait until
      school is over..i teach 2nd grade and do not have any sick leave left so
      i can not miss…and i do not want to miss either…are the meds ok to take if they
      work?? i take atenolol now…a beta helped a bit…any ifo
      would be nice..i have read alot on the net about hyerthyroid…thanks

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        Not to worry. You can take the thyroid blockers for a long period of time. As a matter
        of fact it is advisabe to do so to see if you can go into remission. It does happen!!!
        Talke with your doctor and you will find out you can wait.

        I wish you peace

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          I have actually never done this before, but I figure, “might as well.”
          I went to the doctor today to have a check up. I had lost about twenty-five pounds
          in the last six months and I would have tremors. I just found out that I probably
          have Grave’s disease. That’s about it.

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            Hi Keith,

            It’s a good thing that you went to see a doctor. If you do have Graves
            hopefully you will have an experienced Endo to treat you.
            Everyone’s situation with GD is quite varied.

            I wish you the best, please let us know what your doctors find out.
            Take good care,


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              Hi Keith,

              …and welcome to the board! You’ll be glad you took the chance and let us know you’re out there. If it is Graves’, you will have lots of caring, informed support available to you. Reading the links at this site and prior posts will go along way towards becoming an educated, informed patient. I think the docs seem to do their homework alot better when they are dealing with this type of patient. :) Some even prefer this kind of patient, working as a partner with you.

              There are people at all stages, different organ involvment (eye) and levels of severity here so it’s important not to assume that you will have the difficulties that some have had. Bruce and Jake are always careful to point out that the majority of the people posting are the 10%’ers with 90% of those with Graves’ getting along just fine after the initial diagnosis/treatment period.

              Take care, Claudia

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                Sorry to hear you have Graves.
                If you do you should know you will find some great friends and support here!
                I know i have. and im sure you will too.
                See you later

                PS all of a sudden i have writers block and cant think of a single word to say!

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