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      Hi Tracey,

      I can’t answer the technical stuff but yes!! Feeling tired and achy are definately symptoms! I have them too. My thighs and upper arm hurt, and I sometimes feel almost like I’m coming down with the flu, but don’t.

      Good luck to you – this is a good place to learn all kinds of good info.


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        Hi Tracey,

        It is definitely possible to have Graves’ and get a normal TSH reading on a blood test. First, that blood test was two months ago, so it could be different now (TSH changes rather slowly, it serves as sort of a "running average," so six weeks later you could find a different result). Second, the normal range is rather large, so the possibility exists that your TSH should be much higher to be normal.

        An uptake/scan is pretty good evidence. If you are concerned that the results may not be accurate, first have a talk with the doctor (while looking at the scan results), and second, ask for a blood test for the Graves’ antibodies. It’s not useful in terms of figuring out "how sick" we are, and sometimes can even test negative when we’re positive (the antibodies wax and wane for reasons no one understands, and they do not correlate with our level of symptoms), but if you get a positive result for the antibodies, at least you’ll be sure in your own heart that this is what you’re dealing with. I can understand completely wanting to be certain before proceeding with treatment.

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          My name is Tracey and my Dr. called me this weekend with my diagnosis after an uptake. I have a question about my diagnosis because I had my TSH checked in September and it was normal. I have not had my T3 or T4 or antibodies tested but can you have a normal TSH and still be hyperthyroid?
          Also, as far as symptoms go, my body is really tired and achy. Could this be due to Graves disease?

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