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      Thanks Jake for writing.. I’m still a little(lot) upset but guess it’s something that I’m going to have to live with. What bothers me is my eyes.. They are so swollen and the doc said one was larger.. Been to the so called eye doc. 2 and now have to go to another who knows about the eye problems. The first doc said they were swollen because I’m older, can you believe that?? I want to write him a letter about that. I went to him(he’s my mother’s doc for eyes) I kept trying to tell him that they became swollen overnite and he would not listen, just kept telling me that it was age even when I told him I was seeing double..The others (there were 3 brothers all eye doc) still think as of 2 days ago before I went to the Thyroid doc that the swelling is allergies.. I’m glad I know the cause but it’s really hard to take..Someone else said in his post that his eyes were his best feature. That was the same with me.. They used to tell me that I always had stars in my eyes they were so happy.. Now I have read the Vitiligo (pigment:no color) can be a cause.. Well, I’ve had that since 1973 progressing all the time..Luckily it is not on my face..But people always look at my hands and ask what it is..Embarassing to say the least. I’ve been using Dura tears and taping my eyes at nite..
      Does anyone have that problem, where the eyes don’t close completely??
      Tell me about the operations that many have talked about please..What does that do? Why are they getting operations??
      Am I understanding rightly that the eyes keep enlarging during certain periods? They don’t stop once you’re on medication??

      I’m rambling again, sorry..I’m, I may as well say, scard to death of what’s happening..

      regards, Ricki

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