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      yes, my name is steve stay on ptu for a while, after go rai
      everybody is different and in my case ptu 1 year went rai 13 weeks ago
      try to stay com will all get through this together, the bb is the best support
      i’m no doctor just a common suffer of graves, good luck.

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        Did you get this postpartum? If so, your chances for remission are *supposedly* greater.
        I was told by my Endo and a radiologist that at my age, 33, I was too young
        to blast my thyroid right away and to give the PTU a try. If your thyroid is not
        enlarged much, that also is better reason to go with the PTU according to the doctor’s.
        I chose the least invasive, but partly because they insisted. I felt so bad for a
        while I was quite ready to nuke it! Since you are only 34, they’ll probably tell you
        what they told me about being too young for immediately going for RAI.


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          Hi Glynis,

          Yes, I did get GD sometime after my daughter was born; she is now 7 months old. I was hoping this was Post Partum Thyroiditis, but no luck. The levels are too high & low. As for the size of my thyroid, according to my Endo, it is 3 times its normal size.

          You sound as though, you regret taking the PTU route due to its ineffectiveness or down-right misery (?).


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            Hi all (great BB!),
            A few days ago, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease after a few weeks of exhibiting many of the common symptoms. I got some very useful information from the web links (also am getting some books out of the library), but am not entirely clear as to the “best” method of treatment. I understand that there are three known forms of treatment since there really is no known cure; they are (from least invasive to most): prescription thyroid medication, RAI, or surgery.
            I’m having difficulty getting useful statistics regarding the effectiveness of the various treatments (any pointers would be appreciated). My knee-jerk reaction is to go with the least invasive treatment initially, such as PKU, before dissolving my thyroid with the other two forms of treatment. However, I understand that the overwhelming favorite initial treatment is RAI. Not sure exactly why(?). Also, I’m 34 and would like to have some more children which may complicate things a bit.
            Any comments? Thanks in advance.


            P.S. — Besides the above known treatments, any other supplemental homeopathic routes that help?

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              I didn’t know that age had anything to do with whether you’re treated with
              drugs or RAI. My MD and my Endo suggested that RAI was the best way to go.
              They said that the only time they consider antithyroid drugs as a first option
              is to people under the age of 20. I’m 22, pretty close to 20, so I tried the drugs first. That
              was my idea, not theirs. I wish I had listened to them in the first place,
              though. Maybe I wouldn’t be feeling like I feel right now. I’m just hoping
              that the RAI I just got works.


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