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      Joann, gosh I am so sorry about your mom. My prayers are with you! I
      don’t like hearing you say that you dont care!! You have to care and
      take care of yourself. You need to stay positive and stay well so you
      can help your mother. I can imagine how hard it is for you though. I
      am here for you though, anything you need just ask!! :>
      Rachel, you are special to me also! Everyone here is specail to me,
      you all make me feel so much better about myself. Just knowing that
      there are people out there that feel as rotten as I do is a help. (not
      that I like people feeling rotten :>)
      I don’t think I mentioned this, but I just found out that my sisters
      boyfriends sister has graves. Also one of my best friends sisters has
      it. I cant believe that they had it for years and I didn’t know! I
      don’t know where I’ve been. They are both doing well one is in re-
      mission (but knows she’s hyper again) and the other is still on the
      meds. I have to get in touch with my girlfriend to see what meds her
      sister is on. And to get her phone number. I’ll also tell them about
      this message board in case they want to join us.
      Please let me know how things go with your mom Joann…and keep in
      touch guys…I love hearing from you!! :>:>

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        I think the thing I am scared of the most is not being in controll. today I had
        the first part of the scan, one pill then two different readings
        about 2 hours apart. I think it was a thyroid uptake scan. then I go back tommorrow and
        get another reading and a ct scan.

        I am hoping that as time goes by I will become more reasonable and less
        scared and unreasonable. It helps knowing that other people have it to.

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